Chess Postmortem #4: London System

I looked back at some of my recent games to decide on an instructive post. I learned a lot from two of my draws and couldn’t decide which to choose to blog about. I’ve decided to take a look at both these games in depth.

First up, is a game as black against the London system. I had seen my opponents recently featuring the London system as white pretty regularly. I had rarely faced it and didn’t have a good grasp of what to do as black. White typically plays the London to avoid sharp concrete lines meaning to set up quick and solid development. However, that means that black has a multitude of options. Black set ups can vary from the structures based on the Dutch, Kings Indian Defense, Queens Indian, Benoni, or various structures based on d5. I have typically met d4 with d5 and thus looked into a couple lines here (typically d5 with or without an early e6).

Here’s the game with my annotations.

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Chess postmortem #3

My chess postmortem #3 was one of the best games yet! I have decided to make this series about my “Game of the Month.” For April, I got to play a chess master, the one and only ChessNetwork in a simul he hosted on lichess. This was quite a privilege and probably the strongest player I’ve played to date in a long game. Granted it was a simul with ChessNetwork playing 12 games. The time control was 30/30 with ChessNetwork having no additional time. He probably spent 3-7 minutes on each of the 12 games whereas his opponents got the whole 45+ minutes with the increment. I want to allow for longer analysis and use of the arrow keys to play through the games. Thus, I’m embedding a board See below.
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Chess Postmortem #2

This time I show a game at the time control of 30/30 which ended in a draw. We play the Caro Kann: Advance Variation with 3… c5. Black attempts to get a “better” version of the French defense. An opening with not a lot of theory and a wide array of choices for BOTH sides. I’ve identified 2 key moments. One I was able to solve during the game. The second moment is an amazing tactic I missed. The endgame is quite interesting as well.

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Chess Postmortem #1

I have been playing chess pretty consistently in the past 2 years. I have come to the point where I want to actively learn the game and get better. As part of getting better I am playing long games to work on my ability to calculate and visualize.

Here is my first attempt at reviewing one of my interesting chess games. The game is from an online long time control league. 45 minutes per site with 45 seconds per move starting from move 1. I am white here. My opponent is black.

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