Wimbledon wow


So, sorry for the poor image quality. That’s what happens when you quickly pull out your cellphone camera. I went to get an oil change today. In the waiting room I caught the tail end of the match between Sam Querrey and Novak Djokovic. It a huge upset in the 3rd round of Wimbledon! To put things in perspective this broke Novak’s streak of 30 wins in a row with 4 straight championships in the Grand Slam events (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open). It ends this record streak and Novak’s bid for the calendar grand slam (winning all 4 in one year). Moreover, it was also the first time since 2002 when an American beat the No. 1 ranked player in a Grand Slam.

There has been tons of unpredictability in sports recently. Who would have predicted the winners of the EPL, the NBA finals, the always unpredictable NHL playoffs, and the last world series winner, Ronda Rousey’s defeat? Sports betting may be lucrative, but I don’t see myself entering this recent climate. When it comes to the favorites in long events things even out, but in one match or game anything can happen.

I imagine the trend will continue. In the upcoming Olympics (about a month away!!!) where one event makes or breaks 4 years of hard work, I’ll be on the edge of my seat. As a sports fan those single moments are why I tune in. We are all human and are due to have “off” days. Novak had an “off” day. Yet, those moments can define his career.

The missed opportunity to cement yourself in history reminds me so much of Steph Curry and the Warriors this year. The unrealized possibilities are often forgotten in sports lore. For most sportsmen or sportswomen these moments are forgotten in the pursuit of future opportunities at greatness. It’s the what ifs that capture the imagination of all fans.

Broncos Quarterback Situation

Team Logo Denver Broncos

Here in Denver, the Broncos are faced with the task of repeating as Super Bowl Champions in light of the retirement of Peyton Manning and departure of Brock Osweiller. The Broncos quarterback situation will be the murkiest its ever been up through the start of the season. Currently on our roster we have 3 quarterbacks:

  1. Mark Sanchez – the veteran QB who early on led his team to 2 AFC championship games, but has regressed and was considered a backup most recently.
  2. Trevor Siemian – the 7th round draft pick from last year.
  3. Paxton Lynch – the Broncos first round pick this year out of the University of Memphis.

With no continuity at the QB position and high expectations, I have no doubt there will be a vocal group of fans as rabid for Paxton Lynch as we were for Jay Cutler during Jake Plummer’s sayonara (causing Plummer to flip off the fans and retire) or for Tim Tebow during Kyle Orton’s QB reign.

Other quarterbacks may yet be brought into Denver. Yet, this doesn’t seem likely to happen soon (maybe closer to the start of the season). Perhaps, we start the season with Sanchez, and stick to the thinking that a rookie QB needs to be groomed for a season (flawed thinking in my mind). Perhaps, Paxton Lynch outshines his competition to such a degree that he will be a successful starter from game one a la Russel Wilson, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco etc (first round QBs are starting on average within the first half of their first season nowadays). From my limited knowledge of Paxton, I have my doubts. Sorry Trevor, I strongly doubt you’ll be our starter.

Right now, if I were to share my opinion, I don’t see a QB on the roster or potentially available that can lead this team back to the Superbowl. Up through the season fans will continue to be focused on the debate of who to start at quarterback with great fervor. We’ll be mollified by the rest of the talent on the team. We will point to the horrible QB play last year that was still able to get us to the Superbowl. Nevertheless, my gut tells me we are in for a very tumultuous season. Please prove me wrong. A Superbowl repeat would be that much sweeter.

Aside: Congrats to Leicester City for winning the EPL. The most unlikely champions in professional sports in recent memory (its hard to overstate the amazing feat they accomplished). You do give me hope despite my doubts for the Broncos this year.

Baseball Memories


I think baseball was the first sport I became passionate about as a youngster and that in itself holds a tremendous pull on me. However, I haven’t actively followed baseball in quite a while. I follow peripherally, can name some of my home team’s (The Rockies) starting players, and would follow the playoffs, but on a day to day basis, I wouldn’t really know much about the current baseball landscape. I’ve also found that in my social circle almost no one follows baseball or if they do, they hide it a bit just like I do.

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