This page tracks what I’m up to now

Living in the beautiful state of Colorado, USA. Spending a lot of my time doing these things:

  1. Helping to get ready for my sister’s wedding
  2. Studying and doing medical things
  3. Constant tinkering with my blog and editing my blog posts
    • Reading, learning from and seeking other blogs from strangers
  4. Reading. I’m in a nonfiction phase at the moment. See my 2016 bookshelf page.
  5. Practicing piano and playing for my church a few times a month
    • Attempting to memorize a few pieces
    • Coming back to various Beethoven Piano Sonatas and also discovering lots of new piano repertoire
  6. Participating in an online chess league and studying chess
  7. Keeping track of the sports world
    • I’m very excited about the Olympics. Go Team USA!
  8. Searching for a new TV show to get into and for a new podcast

(Updated August 2016: inspired by the Derek Sivers and all those at